There is more to web development than what first meets the eye.

With a background in web development and programming, we have a good understanding of the basics, such as HTML 5, PHP, CSS and JavaScript, and the advanced.
We exceed in frameworks such as Bootstrap, .NET, React and Angular, and database, both SQL and MySQL.

Frequently we face customers who want an easily manageable website, often in the form of a CMS like WordPress.

App development has exploded in the last couple of years, to the point that it is almost a necessity to reach your consumer base best.

We develop enterprise cross-platform solutions with the customer's need in mind. Native iOS apps are developed using Swift 5.3. We have a clear understanding of release managementand app promotion so that your app can reach your target audience after the development process.

Digital design and general graphic design tasks are distributed to our subsidiary, simpel studio, who exceed and have its focus on these tasks in particular. simpel studio is a collaboration of digital designers, graphic designers, illustrators, and UI /UXprofessionals.

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